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The beauty about hobby farming is that the pressure of profit is removed from products which give us daily sustenance.

Our natural pest control. We recycle milk jugs with a mix that mimics the pheromone that the female apple maggot moth produces to lure the male moth. Trees that had the jug in the beginning of May just after blossom time are almost worm free, The ones we hung later have apple maggot in them, This is a project that will take many years to get the apple maggot under control with out using a chemical spray.


Our Bees, animals and birds are free-range and the crops are free of chemical treatment. 


Berries in season

Berries in season

For a limited time, we have a selection of  berries in season. They include raspberries, currants white and red, cherry, and saskatoon berries. Click the image thumbnails below...

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Our New Apiary

Our New Apiary

Laidlaw Apiary. 4 hives were transported and brought to our raised deck in Laidlaw, Very good and busy bees, lots of young brood and they have all had a honey super added to them...

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British Colombia

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Growing your own food is like printing your own money – Ron Finley